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3 Reasons Why Shampoos Are So Underrated

Shampoos are the unsung heroes of your curl hair routine and they deserve much more credit. We are quick to praise the finishing products in our routine – the gels, the mousses and the styling creams… But where’s the recognition for the first product, the one that sets the bar and paves the way for the rest to follow? Let’s look at 3 reasons why shampoos are so underrated.

Person with medium length brown hair is having their hair shampooed and scalp scrubbed with an ODYSSEY BOX scalp massager brush

1. Shampoos are vital for maintaining a healthy scalp

Whether you are looking to grow healthy curls or just maintain them, it all begins with a healthy scalp. Your scalp is home to hundreds of follicles that sprout your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair strands. The strands themselves aren’t alive, but your scalp is.

Your scalp is similar to the skin on the rest of your body, but it has more sebaceous glands. These glands help to create the optimum environment for a healthy scalp. This happens when they secrete sebum to help lubricate your hair and scalp.

By shampooing regularly and effectively, you remove product build-up and dirt that can negatively impact the environment in your scalp. You can do this whilst maintaining some of the natural sebum it produces.

If you have ever skipped shampooing or delayed your wash day, you may have noticed the difference it makes. Your scalp might feel tight, dry or irritated. Whereas, shampooing leaves it feeling clean and refreshed. We love the feeling, but it is definitely underrated!

2. Your curls thrive when you shampoo effectively

It’s not just your scalp that benefits when you shampoo regularly. Your curls benefit from an effective shampoo too. When you remove product build-up and dirt from your strands, they are able to thrive in their natural curl formation.

Shampoo creates a blank slate that means that our curls are neither weighed down by creams, nor set in place by gels. They are naked and are in their truest form. This means that we can better assess how healthy they are and what they really need to be their best.

Think of it like this, when we take a break from wearing makeup and allow our skin to breathe, we can tell where we have dry patches, breakouts or oily areas. We can then adapt our routine or reach for a treatment to address the issue.

Your hair isn’t so different. You can tell a lot about the health of your hair when your curls are freshly cleansed and left completely naked, and that’s why shampoos deserve more credit. We would encourage you to try leaving your curls naked for a day or two and see what you learn from them.

3. The right shampoo makes a good styling product better

Do you know the feeling you get when you find a winning product combination? How would you feel if you could experience it more often? Well, you can. All it takes is shampooing regularly and with an effective sulphate-free shampoo.

We covered it earlier, but it’s worth mentioning it again, because it makes that much of a difference! When you remove product build-up and dirt from your hair, it lays the best foundation for your products to follow.

The best conditioner will not provide nearly as much slip if your hair is dirty compared to when your hair is freshly cleansed. The same can be said for styling creams, defining gels and setting mousses. They all work their best with that fresh foundation to begin with.

So, shampoo may not be the product you are excited about on hair wash day at the moment, but hopefully you can now see the potential for your next hair wash day. Shampoo really is the unsung hero, but you’ll be singing its praises once you truly experience its benefits.

If you are looking for a shampoo that will make a difference in your routine, check out the shampoo collection at ODYSSEY BOX and stay tuned for their upcoming box. It’ll be your chance to build a custom wash day experience with high quality products that we use here in the salon.

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